Block USB Drives

MyUSBonly is a advance software for windows, which locks USB ports. As soon as the new USB device is connected to your computer this software ask for a password.

Some of the special features of MyUSBonly are as follows:

  1. It prevents data from leakage when you are away from the computer.
  2. You will get E-mail, if somebody try’s to insert removable storage to your computer.
  3. The removable storage once inserted and accessed will be added to White list. So, it can be accessed directly next time.
  4. It run’s invisibly.

Steps to install MyUSBonly

1. Download MyUSBonly and Install it.

2. After installation, you can see a USB icon on a system tray.


3. Left click on the system tray MYusbOnly icon.

4. The set of menus will display, click on General setup.

System Tray

5. You will be asked for the password. The default password is 0000.


6. You are on the main setup screen. Adjust the setting according to your need.


7. Now, every time you enter a new USB device your computer will ask for a password.

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