[How to] Change Computer into Wireless router

Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator is advance software that changes computer into a Wi-Fi Router in just a few clicks. Wi-Fi HotSpot Creator shares the internet connection through the wireless card present on the computer. It uses the same technology and securities as the commercial Wi-Fi routers.

With the help of this software we can make our own network and set a security key. So, that only people who knows the key can access the internet connection.

Steps for changing your computer into a Wi-Fi Router:-

1. Download Wi-Fi HotSpot and install it.

2. Start Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Change computer into Wireless Router

Wi-Fi Hotspot

3. Enter a name for your network.

4. Enter the passphrase. This is the security key that is used in-order to connect with network.

5. Select the NIC through which you want to start a connection.

6. Finally click on “Start” button.

Now, you have successfully created your computer act as a router. Now, you can enjoy the internet connection through other wireless devices.

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