How to change Mac address

Mac address stands for Media Access Control address. Every network interfaces are assigned a unique mac for communication on the physical network segment.

Mac addresses are also used for numerous network technologies.  In logical point of view, MAC addresses are used on Media Access Control Protocol, which is a sub-layer of OSI reference Model.

Mac addresses are assigned by the manufacturers of Network Interface Card.

Today, I am going to show you how to change the MAC address of many wireless network, wired network, Bluetooth devices and Microsoft Virtual Wi-fi Mini port.


Steps for changing Mac address:

1. Download and install Win 7 Mac changer.

2. Run “Win 7 Mac Address Changer”.

how to Change MAC address

Win 7 Mac Changer

3. Select a Network Adapter.

4. Choose your operating system.

5. Enter your new Mac address manually or click on “Randomize”.

6. Finally, click on Change.

[Note: Disable and enable Network Adapter in-order to change Mac address.]

This is how we can change MAC address on Windows 7 Operating system. You must reboot your connection in order to take a new mac address.

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