Reputation Management “for Dummies” Crash Course


If you have been the victim of a hoax report or some other false negative campaign, you might want to check your phone for taps and start watching your back for a “tail.” The old movie clichés immediately come to mind, but the assailant is typically operating in cyberspace. If this fact surprises you, you’re going to need a “Reputation Management for Dummies” crash course. Here are a few links you can start with to start learning more about how to fix online reputation problems:


Lifehacker – For basic tips and tricks.
Internet Reputation Management – For professional level help and for existing problems.
Facebook on Mashable – How to setup a Facebook page

In the modern world, companies that play by the rules and do their best for their customers still have companies out to sabotage them. That’s right, other companies – AKA ‘competitors’. The good news is that therer are plenty of resources out there to help you craft your online reputation.


The concept is simple: negative campaigns rely on holes in the content of your website, missing brand related content online, or a lack of strength of any of these (strength as in what Google thinks is relevant).


Knowing that you are vulnerable in this department, a competitor will plan the assault and watch what happens. If you don’t figure out what is happening soon enough, it could take months – if not years – to repair the damage. Your response must be swift – and your hand steady.


The companies that protect your reputation online can prevent this sort of attack from happening in the first place. They make sure your online presence reflects the true character of your operation, whether that be a retirement home or a political campaign. If you don’t have someone watching your back online, it could lead to your company getting blindsided in ways you never imagined.


If nothing else, ask your Chief Marketing Officer to see the companies reputation management strategy, if that’s you… well.

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