What is Autopatcher?

Autopatcher was developed by Antonis kaladis and Jason Kelley. It is an alternative way for updating Microsoft operating system. It can be used for installing software patches, service packs and other updates available for Microsoft Operating system. With the help of this software, we can update our system without Internet connection. By this feature system updates can be automated and scripted, thus, time and bandwidth required to download relevant updates are reduced.

Autopatcher also allows the installation of some common software, registry setting and other Microsoft software’s. Autopatcher for windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and some server equivalents are currently available.

Autopatcher is mostly popular for windows user who don’t have fast internet connection or who have limited usage and have to pay for extra bandwidth usage. This software is mostly useful to those users who often re-install the operating system.

Method for using Autopatcher

Download Autopatcher

1. Firstly, download the software from the above link and run the file named “apup.exe”.

2. Now check for the version of Autopatcher to download according to your operating system.


3. After choosing click on ‘Next” and the download process will begin.

4. Now you have downloaded all files in order to update your computer. If you want to update multiple computers please burn all files and folders to CD/DVD or flash drive.


5. Now run the file named “Autopatcher.exe”.

6. After accepting agreement, Autopatcher will display all the updates for your system. Select the updates which you want to install and click on “next”.


7. Now you have installed updates available for your system.


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