[How To] Lower the memory usage of Firefox

Does your computer slow down when you run Firefox? If yes, we have a solution to this. Firefox is one of the most popular browser worldwide and is known for its memory consumption.

If your computer slows down after surfing for a while then it’s due to the cache memory of Firefox. You can lower the amount of memory that Firefox uses for caching.

In this method Firefox releases memory space that are no longer in use, when minimizing Firefox.


Steps for releasing Memory space when minimizing Firefox:-

1. Firstly, open your Firefox and go to about:config

2. List of Firefox configuration are displayed, find browser.cache.disk.capacity with the help of filter box.

3. Double click on browser.cache.disk.capacity and lower its value to 20000.

Configuration of Firefox



4. Now, create a New Boolean named config.trim_on_minimize and set its value to True.


Creating new Boolean

Creating new Boolean

5. Finally, restart Firefox.

Through this process the RAM consumption is decreased and cache memory is freed when minimizing the Firefox. After, following the above steps your computer will run fast than before.

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