Absorption Isotherm worksheet

Absorption Isotherm is the process of studying adsorption with the help of graph. It is the graph between amount of adsorbate and adsorbed on the surface of adsorbent and pressure at constant temperature.

Here, you can find some questions related to “Absorption isotherm” and it’s answers:


1. Which of the following is the correct Freundlich’s formula?

(a)    w/m = k P^{1/n}

(b)   w/m = k P^{2N}

(c)    w/m = k P^n

(d)   w/m = k P^{1/n}


2. Freundlich adsorption isotherm gives a straight line on plotting:

(a)    x/m vs P

(b)   \log x/m vs P

(c)    \log x/m vs \log P

(d)   x/m vs 1/P


3. A graph between the amount adsorbed m) and temperature at a constant pressure is called:

(a)    Adsorption isobar

(b)   Adsorption isostere

(c)    Adsorption isochore

(d)   Adsorption isotherm


4. A graph of adsorption isobar of chemisorption shows that adsorption:

(a)    First decreases with temperature and then increases

(b)   First increases with temperature and then decreases

(c)    Increases with temperature

(d)   Decreases with temperature


1.(a)     2. (c)     3. (a)     4. (b)

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