Acid-Base Titration

Acid- Base titration is used to determine the concentration of an acid or base. It makes the use of neutralization reaction that occurs between the acid and base in-order to find the concentration of acid or base.

In this article you can find some questions related to “Acid-Base titration” and their answers:


1. Phenolphthalein shows which of the following colour in acidic medium?

(a)    Pink

(b)   Yellow

(c)    Colourless

(d)   red


2. Phenolphthalein is not a good indicator for titrating:

(a)    ferrous sulphate against KMnO_4

(b)   NaOH against oxalic acid

(c)    NaOH against H_2SO_4

(d)   NaOH against HCI


3. The pink colour phenolphthalein, in alkaline medium is due to:

(a)    positive ion

(b)   negative ion

(c)    neutral form

(d)   OH^- ion


4. The indicator used in the titration of sodium carbonate with sulphuric acid is:

(a)    methyl orange

(b)   fluorescein

(c)    potassium ferrocyanide

(d)   potassium ferricyanid


5. If one drop of methyl orange is added in solution, then solution becomes pink. The solution is:

(a)    basic

(b)   acidic

(c)    netural

(d)   amphoteric


6 A rapid change of pH near stiochiometric point of an acid-base titration is the basis of indicator detection. The pH of solution is related to the ratio of concentration of conjugate acid [Hln] and base forms of the indicator by the expression:

(a)    \log \dfrac{[ln^-]}{[Hln^-]} = p^H- pK_{ln}


(b)   \log \dfrac{[Hln^-]}{[ln]} = p^H- pK_{ln}


(c)    \log \dfrac{[Hln^-]}{[ln]} = pK_{ln}- p^H


(d)   \log \dfrac{[ln^-]}{[Hln]} = pK_{ln}- p^H


1.(c)     2. (a)     3. (b)     4. (a)     5. (b)     6. (a)

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