Alpha, Beta, Gamma

Introduction, \alpha, beta, gamma -\text{rays} \dfrac{n}{p} ratio etc.

Alpha is the first Greek first alphabet. It has the value of 1 in greek mumerals.The letter alpha represent various concepts in mathematics, physics and chemistry. Alpha also stands for thermal expansion coefficient. Gamma is the third greek alphabet. It has the value of three.

This article has some questions and answers related to alpha, beta and gamma.




1. Which is not correctly matched here question

(a)    Natural radio-activity discovered by Henry Becqueral

(b)   Polonium was discovered by Madam Curie.

(c)    \gamma-rays was discovered by williard.

(d)   Maximum penetration power is of \alpha-rays (among \alpha, \beta, gamma)


2. Any atom will show Radio activity when:

(a)    \dfrac{n}{p} > 1

(b)   \dfrac{n}{p} < 1

(c)    Low binding energy

(d)   All of these


3. The correct order of ionization of gases b y \alpha, \beta, \gamma-Rays is:

(a)    \gamma > \alpha > \beta

(b) \alpha > \beta > gamma

(c) \alpha \approx \beta \approx \gamma

(d) \beta > \alpha > \gamma


4. Which is not correct statement?

(a)    Emission of \alpha-particle increases \dfrac{n}{p} ratio.

(b)   Emission of \alpha-increases \dfrac{n}{p} ratio.

(c)    Emission of \gamma-rays decrease \dfrac{n}{p} ratio.

(d)   K-electron  capture increase \dfrac{n}{p} ratio.


5. Which has not maximum penetration power:

(a)  \alpha

(b) \beta

(c)  \gamma

(d) \text{all have same penetration power}


6. Which is not Radioactive here:

(a)    Thorium

(b)   Uranium

(c)    Radium

(d)   Lithium


  1. (d)     2. (d)     3. (b)     4. (c)     5. (c)     6. (d)

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