Atomic mass and Equivalent mass worksheet

Equivalent mass and atomic mass is one of the most important topic in chemistry. Atomic mass defines the amount of mass present in an atom while equivalent mass is the mass of the atom or molecule compared to a standard atomic mass of standard elements.

In this page you can find worksheets or objective questions and their answers related to atomic mass and equivalent mass.

Currently here are 5 objective questions  , questions are given below and their possible answers are given below them , choose the best one and check if you are correct or not from the answer list the the bottom of this page.
Worksheets questions:

1> Equivalent mass of KMnO_4 when it is converted into MnSO_4 in acidic medium is:

a. M/5

b. M/3

c. M/6

d. M/2


2> One gram of hydrogen is found to combine with 80g of bromine. One gram of calcium which have valency 2  combines with 4g of bromine. The equivalent mass of calcium is:

a. 10

b. 20

c. 40

d. 80


3> The oxide of a metal has 32% oxygen. It’s equivalent mass would be:

a. 34

b. 32

c. 17

d. 16


4> If 1.5 moles of oxygen combine with “Al” (aluminium) to form Al_2 O_3 , the mass of “Al” in the reaction is if atomic mass of “Al” is 27:

a. 27 g

b. 54 g

c.  81g

d. 41 g


5> Vapour density of a metal chloride is 66. It’s oxide contains 53% metal. The atomic mass of the metal is:

a. 21

b. 54.54

c. 27.06

d. 2.086



1> a

2> b

3> c

4> b

5> c





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