Chemical measurement, Significant figures and S.I. units worksheet

Chemical measurement, Significant figures and S.I. units worksheet:

Here are Some objective questions related to chemical measurement.

You can solve this worksheet by choosing the best option from the list of option below the questions.

And you can check your answer from the end of this worksheet where correct answer to each question is given.


1. The number of significant figure in 0.0049 are:

a. Two

b. Four

c. Three

d. Five


2. In which of the following numbers all zero are significant?

a. 0.00005

b. 0.0040

c. 30.000

d. 0.700


3. The correctly reported answer of addition of 4.524 , 2.1 and 6.34 will have significant figures:

a. Two

b. Three

c. Four

d. Five


4. The prefix femto stands for:

a. 10^{10}

b. 10^{-10}

c. 10^{-15}

d. 10^{15}


5. The M.K.S. system was first introduced by:

a. Archimedes

b. Einstein

c. Newton

d. Giorgi


6. The nuclear cross section is measured in “barn”. It is equal to:

a. 10^{-28} m^2

b. 10^{-32} m^2

c. 10^{-14} m^2

d. 10^{-26} m^2


7. Which of the following is correct about S.I. units?

a. Density is measured in kg.m{-3}

b. Force is measured in Newtons

c. Pressure is measured in pascals.

d. All of the above.


8. Which one of the following statement is correct?

a. All elements are homogeneous.

b. Air is a heterogeneous mixture.

c. A mixture is not always heterogeneous.

d. All are correct.


9. The most abundant element in earth’s crust is:

a. Silicon

b. Aluminum

c. Oxygen

d. Nitrogen


10. Which one of the following is mixture?

a. Distilled water

b. Gasoline

c. Liquified petroleum Gas (L.P.G.)

d. Both (c) and (d)


11. A mixture of sand and naphthalene can be separated by:

a. Fractional Distillation

b. Sublimation

c. Chromatography

d. Any of the above



1: a











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