Colloid Worksheet

A colloid is a substance which is microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance.

A colloidal system has two pases:
1. Dispersed phase and
2. Continous phase

Here, you can find some questions related to “Colloid” and their answers:


1. The solution of rubber is an example of:

(a)    lyophobic colloid

(b)   multimolecular colloid

(c)    associated colloid

(d)   macromolecular colloid


2. Smoke is a colloidal dispersion of a:

(a)    solid in a gas

(b)   liquid in a solid

(c)    gas in a solid

(d)   gas in a gas


3. Difference between crystalloids and colloids is of:

(a)    solubility

(b)   reactivity

(c)    size of particles

(d)   none of these


4. Solid aerosol is an example of colloidal system of:

(a)    liquid dispersed in gas

(b)   liquid dispersed in liquid

(c)    solid dispersed in gas

(d)   solid dispersed in liquid


5. Which of the following colloids are solvent-loving colloids ?

(a)    lyophilic

(b)   lyophobic

(c)    hydrophilic

(d)   one of these


6. Which of the following colloids are solvent hating

(a)    Lyophilic

(b)   Lyophobic

(c)    Hydrophilic

(d)   None of these


7. A colloidal solution of Fe(OH)_3 in water is called:

(a)    emulsion

(b)   colloid

(c)    hydrophobic

(d)   hydrophilic


8. Which of the following type of molecules forms micelles

(a)    non—polar molecules

(b)   polar molecules

(c)    surfcant molecules

(d)   all of these


9. The CMC is the concentration at which:

(a)    true solution is formed

(b)   micellization

(c)    one molar electrolyte is present per 1000 g of solution .

(d)   solute and solution form equilibrium


10. If the dispersed phase is a liquid and the dispersion medium is solid, the colloid is known as:

(a)    Foam

(b)   Sol

(c)    Emulsion

(d)   Gel


11. The diameter of colloidal particle ranges from:

(a)    10^{-9} m to 10^{-6}m

(b)   10^{-6} m to 10^{-3}m

(c)    10^{-12} m to 10^{-9}m

(d)   10^{-3} m to 10^{-6}m


12. A colloidal solution of a liquid, in a solid is termed as:

(a)    aerosol

(b)   gel

(c)    emulsion

(d)   sol


13. An example of an associated colloid is:

(a)    vegetable oil

(b)   rubber latex

(c)    soap solution

(d)   milk


1.(d)     2. (a)        3. (c)      4. (c)     5. (a)

6. (b)     7. (c)       8. (c)     9. (b)     10. (d)

11. (a)     12. (b)   13. (c)

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