Corrosion Worksheet

Corrosion is the disintergration of a material into its constituent atoms due to chemical reaction with respect to its surrounding. Corrosion can also be called as electrochemical oxidation of metals in reactions with an oxidant like oxygen.

Corrosion can occur in materials like ceramics, polymers and metals.

Here you can find some questions related to “Corrosion” and their answers:



1. To protect iron against corrosion, the most durable metal plating on it, is:

(a)    Tinplating

(b)   Copper plating

(c)    Zinc plating

(d)   Nickel plating


2. The depolarizer used in dry cell batteries is:

(a)    Manganese dioxide

(b)   NH_4CI

(c)    Sodium triphosphide

(d)   Potassium hydroxide


3. Iron rusts in the presence of:

(a)    Vacuum

(b)   Moisture

(c)    Oxygen

(d)   Both (b) and (c)


4. Which of the following metals is not attacked by the environment?

(a)    Gold

(b)   Copper

(c)    Silver

(d)   Iron


5. In lead storage battery, the anode reaction is:

(a)    PbO + H_2SO_4 \to PbSO_4 + H_2O

(b)   Pb^{2+} + 2e^- \to Pb

(c)    Pb + H_2SO_4 \to PbSO_4 + 2H^+ + 2e^-

(d)   None of these


6. The art of electroplating was given by:

(a)    Edison

(b)   Faraday

(c)    Thomas Graham

(d)   Brugan


7. Corrosion is basically an:

(a)    Interaction

(b)   Union between two light metals and a heavy metal

(c)    Altered reaction in presence of H_2O

(d)   Electrochemical phenomenon


8. Which of the following cells is a secondary cell?

(a)    Dry cell

(b)   Mercury cell

(c)    Fuel

(d)   Ni cell


9. The source of electrical energy on the Appolo moon flights was:

(a)    A generator

(b)   Fuel cell

(c)    Ni—Cd

(d)   Lead storage batteries


10. When a lead storage battery is charged, it acts as:

(a)    A primary cell

(b)   A galvanic cell

(c)    A concentration cell

(d)   An electrolytic cell



1.(c)     2. (a)     3. (d)     4. (a)     5. (c)

6. (b)     7. (d)     8. (d)     9. (b)    10. (d)

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