Electrolytic Conduction Worksheet

Those conduction which involve the movement of ions is called electrolytic conduction. Example of electrolytic conduction is solution of Nacl and water. It can also be said as, “the condition in which the electrical current flows through the ions on a solution or pure liquid.”

In this artcle you can find some questions related to “Electrolytic conduction” and their answers:


1. The best conductor of electricity is a 0.1 M solution of:
(a)    Acetic acid

(b)   Boric acid

(c)    Propionic acid

(d)   Sulphuric acid


2. The specific conductance of KCl solution at 23°C is 0.012 \Omega^{-1} cm^{-1}.  The resistance of cell containing the solution at the same temperature was found to be 55 \Omega.  The cell constant will be:

(a)    616 cm^{-1}

(b)   6.16 cm^{-1}

(c)    0.616 cm^{-1}

(d)   61.6 cm^{-1}


3. Molten sodium chloride conducts electricity due to the presence of:

(a)    Free molecules

(b)   Free electrons

(c)    Free ions

(d)   Atoms of sodium and chlorine


4. The molar conductance of NaCl, HCI and CH_3COONa at infinite dilution is 126.45, 426.16 and 91\Omega[^{-1} cm^2 mol^{-1} respectively. The molar conductance of CH_3COOH at infinite dilution is:

(a)    590.71 \Omega^{-1} cm^2 mol^{-1}

(b)   698.28 \Omega^{-1} cm^2 mol^{-1}

(c)    390.28 \Omega^{-1} cm^2 mol^{-1}

(d)   390.71 \Omega^{-1} cm^2 mol^{-1}


5. Weight of Cu deposited when 2 faraday of electricity IS passed will be:

(a)    31.75 g

(b)   23. 85 g

(c)    63.5 g

(d)   125.67 g


6. Calculate the amount of charge flowing in 2 minutes in a wire of resistance 10 \Omega when a potential difference of 20 V is applied:

(a)    160 C

(b)   240 C

(c)    80 C

(d)   120 C


7. In a solution of CuSO_4 how much time will be required to precipitate 2 g copper by 0.5 ampere current:

(a)    12157.48 sec

(b)   742 sec

(c)    410 sec

(d)   102 sec


8. The quantity of electricity required to liberate 112 cm^3 of hydrogen at STP from acidified water is

(a)    965 C

(b)   0.1 F

(c)    1 Faraday

(d)   96500 C


9. The charge required to deposit 9 g of Al from Al^{3+} solution is (At. Wt. of Al = 27.0)

(a)    9650 C

(b)   9650 C

(c)    3216.3 C

(d)   32163 C


10. The specific conductance of 0.1 M NaCl solution is 1.06 \times 10^{-2} oh^{-1} cm^{-1}, its molar conductance in ohm^{-1} cm^2 mol^{-1} is:

(a)    1.06 \times 10^2

(b)   1.06 \times 10^4

(c)    1.06 \times 10^5

(d)   53 \times 10^4


1.(d)     2. (c)     3. (c)     4. (d)     5. (c)

6. (b)     7. (a)     8. (a)    9. (b)     10. (a)

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