Emulsion Worksheet

The mixture of two or more liquids, which are normally immiscible, is known as Emulsion. Sometimes colloid and emulsion are used interchangeably.

Emulsion contains both dispersed and continuous phase and the boundary between these two phases is known as Interface.

In this article you can find questions related to “Emulsion” and their answers:


1. Cod liver is an example of:

(a)    Oil emulsion

(b)   Oil in water emulsion

(c)    Water in oil emulsion

(d)   Water in water emulsion


2.Milk is an example of:

(a)    Oil in water emulsion

(b)   Water in oil emulsion

(c)    Fat in oil emulsion

(d)   Fat in water emulsion


3. An emulsifier is a substance which:

(a)    Stabilizes the emulsion

(b)   Coagulates the emulsion

(c)    Retards the dispersion of liquid in liquid

(d)   Homogenesis of emulsion


4. The process of separating of cram from milk is called

(a)    Emulsification

(b)   Demulsification

(c)    Emulsions

(d)   Electro-osmosis


5. Which of the following processes is responsible for the digestion of fats in the intestines?

(a)    Electro-osmosis

(b)   Demulsification

(c)    Electrophoresis

(d)   Emulsification


1.(c)     2. (a)     3. (a)      4. (b)     5. (d)

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