Fusion, Fission

Fusion, fission, isotopes, isobars


Atoms are the buldig blocks for matters. We can say that everything around us is made up of atom. Every atom contains nuclear energy in its center known as nucleus. A nuclear reaction in which a light nuclei combine to form more bigger nuclei and with simultaneous release of energy is called fusion.

This article consists of worksheet related to Fusion, Fission, Isotopes and Isobars.


Worksheet Questions:-

1. Isobar of^{40}_{20} Ca is:

(a)    ^{40}_{19} K

(b)   ^{40}_{18} Ar

(c)    ^{39}_{19}K

(d)   Both a and b


2. Which of the following isotopes is radioactive in nature?

(a)    C – 12

(b)   C – 14

(c)    Cl – 35

(d)   Both b and c


3. Which of the following is not isotonic?

(a)    _6C^{14}

(b)   _7N^{14}

(c)    _8O^{16}

(d)   _7N^{15}


4. Which is correct statement have?

(a)    Isotopes differ in chemical properties

(b)   Isotopes have same mass number

(c)    Isodiaphers have same (n – z) value

(d)   Isoesters always differ in electrons


5. Which is not a pair of isoesters?

(a)    SO^{-2}_4, PO^{-3}_4

(b)   CN^{-} , NO

(c)    CO, NO^+

(d)   NO^-_3, CO^{-2}_3


6. Which is not correct here?

(a)    Atom bomb is un-controlled chain reaction process

(b)   Hydrogen bomb is based on nuclear fusion

(c)    Fissile material are U-235, Pu-239

(d)   Graphite increases speed of neutrons in reactors


7. Which are used as coolent in nuclear reactors?

(a)    D_2O

(b)   Paraffin wax

(c)    Polyphenyls

(d)   All of these


Worksheet Answers:-

  1. (d)     2. (b)     3. (b)     4. (c)      5. (b)     6. (d).      7. (d)

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