Hydrogen Bond Worksheet

Interaction of a hydrogen atom with an electronegative atom, such as fluorine, nitrogen or oxygen, that comes from another molecule of chemical group is known as hrdrogen bond.
Some of the question related to h-bond are listed below:



1. Which can have H-Bonding:

(a)    HF^-_2

(b)   H_2O

(c)    R- NH_2

(d)   All of these


2. Which does not have intramolecular hydrogen bonding:

(a)    Salicylaldehyde

(b)   O-nitrophenol

(c)    Ortho xylene

(d)   Ortho hydroxyl benzonic acid


3. Which is highly soluble in water here:

(a)    (C_2H_5)_3N

(b)   PH_3

(c)    C_2H_5OH

(d)   All of these


4. Which is not correct here:

(a)    \text{Conductivity of metals} \propto \dfrac{1}{\text{temperature}}

(b)   Metals are ductile and malleable due to slipping of Kernels

(c)    Metallic bond is non-directional bond

(d)   \text{strength of metallic bond} \propto \dfrac{1}{\text{No. of unpaired} e^-}


5. Which has maximum bond angle here:

(a)    H_2O

(b)   NH_3

(c)    H_2S

(d)   PH_3


6. Which has maximum C – C bond length:

(a)    C_6H_6

(b)   C_2H_6

(c)    C_2H_4

(d)   C_2H_2


7. Which is not correct about bond energy:

(a)    \text{Bond energy} \propto \dfrac{1}{\text{Bond length}}

(b)   \text{Bond energy} \propto \%

(c)    \text{Bond energy} \propto \dfrac{1}{\text{Bond-order}}

(d)   \text{Bond energy} \propto \dfrac{1}{\text{Reactivity}}

(e)   (c) and (d) both



1.(d)     2. (c)      3. (c)      4. (d)     5. (a)     6. (b)      7. (e)

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