Liquid State worksheet

Among three state of matter, Liquid state has definite volume but it doesn’t have definite shape.

Liquid state of matter is able to flow and take shape of a container. The density of liquid is close to that of solid but higher than that of gas.

In this article you can find some questions related to Liquid state and their answers:


1. Which of the following properties of liquids is concerned with internal resistance to its flow:

(a)    viscosity

(b)   parachore value

(c)    refractive index

(d)   surface tension


2. Which of the following liquids has highest vapour pressure or is most volatile:

(a)    HF

(b)   NH_3(l)

(c)    C_2H_5OH (l)

(d)   H_2O


3. The vapour pressure of the liquid depends upon:

(a)    the amount of liquid taken

(b)   the temperature of the liquid

(c)    the volume of the vessel

(d)   both, amount and temperature


4. A drop of liquid acquires spherical shape because of:

(a)    its tendency to maximize its surface area

(b)   its tendency of acquire minimum surface area

(c)    its viscous nature

(d)   none of these


5. Liquefied metals contain:

(a)    metal anions only

(b)   metal cations only

(c)    metal kernels and mobile electrons

(d)   metal atoms only


6. The unit of surface tension is:

(a)    joule m^{-1}

(b)   Nm^{-1}

(c)    erg cm^{-1}

(d)   none of these


7. When a liquid is evaporated:

(a)    temperature of liquid decreases

(b)   temperature of the liquid increases

(c)    liquid molecules become more energetic

(d)   both (b) and (c)


8. When a liquid is heated:

(a)    surface tension increases

(b)   surface tension lowers

(c)    viscosity increases

(d)   surface tension is not effected


9. Capillary action of liquids can be explained on basis of its:

(a)    surface tension

(b)   resistance of flow

(c)    heat of vaporization

(d)   all of these


10. SI unit of coefficient of viscosity is:

(a)    kg s^{-1}m^{-2}

(b)   g ^{-1} s^{-1}

(c)    kg m^{-1} s^{-1}

(d)   kg cm^{-1} s^{-1}


11. Poise is a unit of:

(a)    viscosity

(b)   vapour pressure

(c)    surface tension

(d)   parachore value


12. Which is correct relation between enthalpy of vaporization(joule / mole) and boiling point of a liquid?

(a)    \Delta H = 1.5 P_b

(b)   \Delta H = 77 T_b

(c)    \Delta H = 88 T_b

(d)   \Delta H = 0.5 T_b



1.(a)     2. (b)     3. (b)     4. (b)     5. (c)

6. (b)     7. (a)     8. (b)     9. (a)     10. (c)

11. (a)     12. (c)

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