A chemical reaction is a process of transforming one set of chemical reaction to another. The process of forming salt by reacting with acid and base is called Neutralisation.

Some of the question and answers related to neutralization are listed below:-


Worksheet Questions:-


1. What is the normality of 1 M solution of H_3PO_4 ?

(a)    0.5 N

(b)   1N

(c)    2N

(d)   3N


2. When 100mL, NaoH solution and 10 mL of 10N H_2SO_4 solution are mixed together, the resulting solution will be:

(a)    Alkaline

(b)   Acidic

(c)    Strongly acidic

(d)   Neutral


3. How many moles of KI are required to produce 0.4 moles of K_2HgI_4 ?

(a)    0.4

(b)   0.8

(c)    3.2

(d)   1.6


4. The mass of 60% HCL required for the neutralization of 10 L of 0.1 M KOH is:

(a)    60.8g

(b)   21.9g

(c)    100g

(d)   219g


5. 27 g of aluminium will react completely with:

(a)    8 g oxygen

(b)   24 g of oxygen

(c)    16 g of oxygen

(d)   48 g of oxygen


6. The mass of CaCo_3 formed by passing CO_2 gas through 50 Ml of 0.5 Ca(OH)_2 solution is:

(a)    10 g

(b)   2 g

(c)    2.5 g

(d)   5 g


7. 276 g of silver carbonate on being strongly heated yields a residue weighing:

(a)    2.16 g

(b)   3.0 g

(c)    6.2 g

(d)   2.48 g


8. 20 ML of CO_2 are passed over red hot coke. The volume of CO evolved is:

(a)    10 ML

(b)   20 ML

(c)    30 ML

(d)   40 ML


9. The mass of carbon anode consumed (giving only CO_2 ) in the production of 270 kg of AL metal from bauxite by the Hall’s process is:

(a)    270 kg

(b)   540 kg

(c)    90 kg

(d)   180 kg


Worksheet Answer:-


1.d    2.d     3.b     4.a     5.b

6.c     7.a      8.d       9.c

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