Organic Compound worksheet

Organic compounds are those chemical compounds which contains carbon on its molecules. The chemical compounds of living things are also called organic compounds because they are associated with living organism.

All the compounds related with life cycle, are the subject matter of organic chemistry.

In this article you can find questions related to “Organic Compound” and their answers:


1. The main source of organic compounds is:

(a)    petroleum and coal

(b)   coal and minerals

(c)    minerals only

(d)   coal only


2. Chemically similar compounds differing by a —CH_2 are called:

(a)    homologous

(b)   isomers

(c)    isomorphs

(d)   none of these


3. The shortest bond distance is found in:

(a)    ethane

(b)   diamond

(c)    acetylene

(d)    benzene


4. The tetrahedral structure of carbon was proposed by:

(a)    Berthlot

(b)   Wohler

(c)    Kekule

(d)   Vant Hoff and Le-Bel


5. C-C bond length is maximum in:

(a)    C_2H_4

(b)   C_2H_6

(c)    C_2H_2

(d)   C_6H_6


6. Which of the following compounds contains maximum number of tertiary hydrogen atoms?

(a)    2, 2-dimethyl butane

(b)   n-hexane

(c)    2-methyl pentane

(d)   2, 3-dimethyl butane


7. Find the wrong statement:

(a)    All compounds containing C-atom are always organic

(b)   All hydrocarbons and their derivatives are hydrocarbons

(c)    All valencies of C-atom have same energy

(d)   Max. no of compounds are formed by hydr0gen


8. Inorganic compound:

(a)    Acetylene

(b)   Carbon dioxide

(c)    Ethane

(d)   none of these


9. Which statement is correct here?

(a)    Urea was the first organic compound to be prepared in laboratory.

(b)   Kolbe synthesises

(c)    Carbon atom has maximum catenation power due to high bond energy

(d)   All are correct


10. In isobutene number of primary carbon atoms and primary hydrogen atoms are respectively:

(a)    3,8

(b)   2,6

(c)    2, 8

(d)   3, 6


11. Number of \alpha-hydrogen atoms and number of \alpha-carbon atoms in acetone is:

(a)    2, 6

(b)   6, 2

(c)    3, 6

(d)   6, 3


12. The C – C bond angle in propane is expected to be about:

(a)    109^0

(b)   150^0

(c)    140^0

(d)   180^0


1.(a)         2. (a)     3. (c)     4. (d)     5. (b)

6. (a)       7. (a)     8. (b)     9. (d)     10. (b)

11. (b)     12. (a)

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