Oxidation and Reduction worksheet

Oxidation is the process of gaining electrons and Reduction is the process of loosing electrons.

Those substances which oxidises others and itself undergoes reduction is known as oxidising agent. Oxidising agent can also be called as electron acceptor or oxidant.

Those substances which undergoes oxidation but reduces others is known as reducing agent. Reducing agent can also be called as reductant or electron loser.

Some question related to oxidation and reduction are given below:


1. Oxidation involves:

(a)    Loss of electrons

(b)   Gain in oxidation number of metal

(c)    Uptake of O_2

(d)   All of these


2. Reduction does not involve:

(a)    Uptake of H_2

(b)   Gain of electrons

(c)    Uptake of electronegative elements

(d)   None of these


3. Which is not a case of oxidation:

(a)    Burning of Coal

(b)   Rusting of Iron

(c)    Combustion of CH_4

(d)   Conversion of alcohol into alkane


4. In the reaction S O_2 2 H_2 S \to 3 S + 2 H_2 O the species which is reduced is:

(a)    H_2S

(b)   SO_2

(c)    Both

(d)    None


5. Burning of lime to give CaO is:

(a)    Redox Reaction

(b)   Oxidation

(c)    Reduction

(d)   None of these



1.(d)      2.(c)     3. (d)     4. (b)     5. (b)

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