Oxidation Number Worksheet

An oxidation number of an atom is a positive or negative number which shows how many electrons an atom has gained, lost, or shared to become stable.

Some of the features of Oxidation number are as follows:

1. It is the extent of charge of an atom which is developed in the formation of a compound.

2. It may be positive or negative for an element, E.g. Oxidation number of P in PH_3 \text{and} PCl_3 is -3 and +3, respectively.

3. It may be of different value in different compounds for the same element, E.g. Oxidation number of C in CH_4, CH_3Cl, CH_2Cl_2, CHCl_3 \text{and} CCl_4 are -4, -2, 0, +2 and +4 respectively.


In this article you can find some questions related to oxidation number and their answers:


1. In which compound oxygen has +1 oxidation state here:

(a)    O_3

(b)   H_2O_3

(c)    OF_2

(d)   O_2F_2


2. Iodine has it’s highest oxidation state in:

(a)    I_2

(b)   KI_3

(c)    KIO_4

(d)   ICl


3. Oxidation No. of Mn in MnC_2O_4  is:

(a)    +1

(b)   +2

(c)    +3

(d)   +8/3


4. Oxidation No. of C-atom in diamond is:

(a)    Zero

(b)   +4

(c)     -4

(d)    -2


5.  In the reaction FeSO_4 \overset{KMnO_4}{\underset{H_2SO_4} \rightarrow} Fe_2(SO_4 )_3 the change of oxidation state of Fe is:

(a)    From +2 to +3

(b)   From +3 to +2

(c)    From +2 to +4

(d)    No change



1.(d)     2. (c)     3. (b)     4. (a)     5. (a)

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