Oxidation Worksheet

Oxidation state is used to indicate the degeree of oxidation of an atom in chemical compound. Oxidation states are represented by integers, it can be any whole number which doesn’t have fractional part.

In simple words oxidation can be defined as, “The combination of a substance with oxygen.”

In this article you can find some questions related to oxidation and their answers:


1. A compound contains atoms X, Y and Z. The oxidation number of X is +3, of Y is +5 and of Z is -2. The possible formula of the compound is:

(a)    XYZ_2

(b)   X_3(YZ_4)_3

(c)    Y_2(XZ_3)_3

(d)   X_3(Y_4Z)_2


2. Which of the following represents a disproportionation reaction ?

(a)    X_2 + 2OH^- \to XO^- + X^- + H_2O

(b)   2HCuCl_2 \overset{\text{Dilution}}{\underset{\text{with} H_2O} \rightarrow} Cu + Cu^{2+} + 4Cl^- + 2H^+

(c)    Cu_2O + H^+ \to Cu + Cu^{2+} + OH^-

(d)   All of these


3. If M is the molecular weight of FeC_2O_4, then its equivalent weight in the conversion:

FeC_2O_4 \to Fe^{3+} + CO_2 is:

(a)    M/3

(b)   M/4

(c)    M/6

(d)   M/2


4. The ratio of coefficients of HNO_3 ,Fe(NO_3 )_2 \text{and} NH_4NO_3  in the following redox equation:

Fe + HNO_3 \to Fe(NO_3)_2 + NH_4NO_3 + H_2O

In the balanced form will be:

(a)    4 : 10 : 1

(b)   4 : 1 : 10

(c)    10 : 4 : 1

(d)   10 : 1 : 4


5. (X) M n O^- _4 + (Y) H_2 o_2 \to 2Mn^{+2} + 5H_2O + 9O_2 + (Z) e^-

In this reaction, values of (X), (Y) and (Z) are:

(a)    2, 5, 6

(b)   5, 2,6

(c)    3, 5, 6

(d)   2, 6, 6


6. The reaction in which hydrogen peroxide acts as a reducing agent is:

(a)    2FeSO_4 + H_2SO_4 + H_2O_2 \to Fe_2(so_4)_3 + 2H_2O

(b)   2KI + H_2O_2 \to 2KOH + I_2

(c)    H_2SO_3 + H_2O_2 \to H_2SO_4 + H_2O

(d)   Ag_2O + H_2O_2 \to 2Ag + H_2O + O_2


7. The oxidation number of phosporus in Ba(H_2PO_2 )_2 is:

(a)    +3

(b)   +2

(c)    -1

(d)   None of these


8. In the standardization of Na_2S_2O_3 using K_2Cr_2O_7 by iodometry, the equivalent weight weight of K_2Cr_2O_7 is

(a)    (molecular weight) / 2

(b)   (molecular weight) / 4

(c)    (molecular weight) / 3

(d)   Same as molecular weight


9. The reaction, 3Cl^-(aq) \to ClO_3(aq) + 2Cl^- (aq)

Is an example of:

(a)    Reduction reaction

(b)   Oxidation reaction

(c)    Disproportionation reaction

(d)   Decomposition reaction


10. The pair of the compounds in which both the metals are in the highest possible oxidation state is:

(a)    [Fe(CN_6)]^{3-}, [Co(CN)_6]^{3-}

(b)   CrO_2Cl_2, MnO^-_4

(c)    TiO_3, MnO_2

(d)   [Co(CN)_6]^{3-}, MnO_2


11.  If the oxidation number of A is +2, of B is +5 and that of C is -2, the possible formula of the compound is:

(a)    A_3(B_4)_2

(b)   A_3(BC_4)_2

(c)    ABC_3

(d)   A_3(BC_3)_2


12. Oxidation number of iron in Fe_{0.94}O is:

(a)    +2

(b)   94/200

(c)    2.13

(d)   +1


13. The oxidation state of oxygen in O_2PtF_7 is

(a)    0

(b)   +1/2

(c)    1

(d)   -1/2


14. A in the half reaction:

A + OH^- \to O_2 + H_2O + 2e^- is:

(a)    OH^-

(b)   OH_2

(c)    H_2O_2

(d)   HO^-_2


15. In the conversion NH_2OH \to N_2O, equivalent weight of NH_2OH is:

(a)    M/4

(b)   M/2

(c)    M/5

(d)   M/3



1.(b)     2. (d)     3. (a)     4. (c)     5. (a)

6. (d)    7. (d)     8. (c)      9. (c)     10. (b)

11. (b)      12. (b)     13. (b)     14. (d)     15. (b)

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