Polarity Worksheet

The physical property of compounds which relates other’s physical properties like melting point, boiling point, solubility and intermolecular interaction between molecules is known as polarity.

In this article you can find some questions related to polarity.


1. Which is non-polar molecule here:

(a)    NH_3

(b)   H_2O

(c)    XXl_4

(d)   CO_2

(e)   c and d both


2. The correct order of dipole moment is:

(a)    H_2O > NH_3 > HF

(b)   HF > H_2O > NH_3

(c)    NH_3 > HF > H_2O

(d)   NH_3 > H_2O > HF


3. Which has maximum polarizing power here:

(a)    Mg^{+2}

(b)   Na^+

(c)    Al^{+3}

(d)   Si^{+4}


4. Which is least ionic here:

(a)    LiCl

(b)   NaCl

(c)    BeCl_2

(d)   MgCl_2


5. The dipole moment of HCl IS 1.03 D. If H- Cl bond displace is 1.26 \AA. What is the % of ionic nature is HCl.

(a)    17.3 %

(b)   38. 56%

(c)    29.32%

(d)   59.17%


6. Which is not correct about dipole moment (D.M.)

(a)    D.M. \propto electro negativity difference.

(b)   D.M. \propto \dfrac{1}{\text{Bond angle}}

(c)    When central tom has only bond pair e^- it is polar molecule

(d)   None is incorrect.



1.(e)     2. (b)     3. (d)     4. (c)     5. (a)      6. (c)

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