Redox Reaction Worksheet

All the chemical reaction in which atoms change their oxidation state is called redox reaction. Redox reaction is also called as “Oxidation Reduction Reaction”.

In redox reaction oxidation and reduction takes place.

Some Questions related to redox reaction are listed below:


1.which is an example of Redox change

(a) BaO_2 + H_2SO_4 \to BaSO_4 + H_2O_2 \\[3mm] (b) SO_2 + 2H_2S \to 3S + 2H_2O \\[3mm] (c) X_2 + 2OH^- \to X^- + XO^- + H_2O \\[3mm] (d) \text{Both (b) and (c)}


2. Which is showing auto-redox or disproportion reaction.

(a) Br_2 \overset{OH^-}{\rightarrow} Br^- + BrO^-_3 \\[3mm] (b) 2H_2O_2 \to H_3O^+ + OH^- + O_2 \\[3mm] (c) HCHO \overset{OH^-}{\rightarrow} CH_3OH + HCOO^- \\[3mm] (d) \text{All of these}


3. Which of the following does not represent disproportion reaction ?

(a) 3I_2 + 6OH^- \to IO^-_3 + 5I^- + 3H_2O \\[3mm] (b) Cu + 4HNO_3 \to Cu(NO_3)_2 + 2NO_2 + 2H_2O \\[3mm] (c) Cl_2 + I_2 \to 2ICl \\[3mm] (d) \text{All of these}


4. in the following redox reaction which species is reduced:

Cr + 2H_2O + ClO^- \to Cr^{3+} + 3Cl^- + 6OH^-

(a)    Cl^-

(b)   Cr

(c)    ClO^-

(d)   None


5. which is no-redox reaction?

(a) Na + O_2 \to Na_2O_2 \\[3mm] (b) 4KClO_3 \to 3KClO_4 + KCl \\[3mm] (c) Na_2O + H_2SO_4 \to Na_2SO_4 + H_2O \\[3mm] (d) \text{All of these}



(1). (b)     2. (d)     3. (d)     4. (c)     5. (c)

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