Resonance Worksheet

Resonance can be defined as a way of defining delocalized electons with certain polyatomic ions and molecules, where bonding can’t be epressed by Lewis formula. Resonance is also a key component of valence bond theory.

Some questions and their answers related to resonance are listed below:


1. Which is not true about resonance:

(a) Here arrangement of atoms is same.

(b) Resonating structures are shown by (\leftrightarrow)

(c) Resonating structures differ in e^- distribution

(d) Resonance decreases stability


2. Which in not correct resonating structure of CO:


3. Canonical structures are possible for:
(a) O_3

(b)  H_2O

(c) CH_4

(d) NH-3

4. Which is most stable structure of CO_2
(a) O = C = O

(b) \overset{-}{O}- C = \overset{+}{O}

(c) \overset{-}{O}- \overset{+}{C} = C

(d) All are equally stable


1.(d)     2. (d)     3. (a)     4. (a)

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