Wave Nature of Electron worksheet

Wave nature of electron worksheet

Einstein (1905) suggested that light has dual character i.e., as ‘wave’ and as ‘particle’. Louis de Broglie, E. Schrodinger and W. Heisenberg developed a wave theory based on wave mechanical concept of the electron.

Here are some questions and answers related to wave nature of electrons.

Worksheet Questions:

1. Which is not correctly matched:

(a)    Dual nature of electron was given by \to de Broglie

(b)   Wave nature of electron was confirmed by  \to Devison and Germer

(c)    Uncertainty principle was explained by  \to Heisenberg

(d)   Spin of electron can be confirmed by  \to Schrodinger wave equation


2. Any orbital is represented by:

(a)    \Psi

(b)   \Psi \Psi^*

(c)    \Psi^2

(d)   None of these


3. Any 3p-orbital will have maximum:

(a)    6e^-

(b)   2e^-

(c)    1e^-

(d)   10e^-


4. Wave nature can be given for:

(a)    e^- only

(b)   p only

(c)    n only

(d)   any of these


5. In which d-orbital there are only two lobes?

(a)    d_{x^2- y^2}

(b)   d_{x y}

(c)    d_{z^2}

(d)   Any of these


6. How many photons of light with wavelength 6500 \AA will be needed to produce 2.5 joule of energy.

(a)    8.175 \times 10^{12}

(b)   4.087 \times 10^{13}

(c)    8.175 \times 10^{15}

(d)   213 \times 10^{16}


7. If the value of change in velocity for a microscopic particle is zero the value of change in position is:

(a)    Zero

(b)   +1

(c)    -1

(d)   Infinite


Worksheet Answers:

1. (d)           2. (b)          3. (b)          4. (d)        5. (c)

6. (c)     7. (d)

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