Worksheet based on Factors effecting Adsortion

There are various factors affecting the rate of adsorption.

Some of them are listed below:

1. Temperature

2. Surface of adsorbent

3. Pressure

4. Nature of adsorption process

Here, you can find some questions based on “Factors affecting Adsorption” and their answers:


1. The amount of gas adsorbed physically on charcoal:

(a)    Increases with pressure and decreases with temperature

(b)   Increases with temperature and decreases with pressure

(c)    Increases with temperature and pressure

(d)   Increases either temperature or pressure


2. The adsorption of a gas, on a solid surface, varies with pressure of the gas in which of the following manner?

(a)    Slow \tofast \to independent of the pressure

(b)   Fast \to slow \to independent of the pressure

(c)     Independent of the pressure \to slow \to fast

(d)   Independent of the pressure \to fast  \to slow


3. The extent of adsorption of a gas, on a solid depends upon

(a)    Nature of gas

(b)   Temperature of gas

(c)    Pressure of gas

(d)   All of these


4. Which of the following adsorptions takes place at low temperature ?

(a)    Physical adsorption

(b)   Chemical adsorption

(c)    Chemisorption

(d)   All


5. The effect of pressure on adsorption is high if:

(a)    Temperature is high

(b)  Temperature is low

(c)    Temperature is neither very low nor very high

(d)   Charcoal piece is taken in place of charcoal powder


6. At 15°C out of H_2, CH_4, CO_2, NH_3, which gas will be adsorbed maximum by charcoal ?

(a)    H_2

(b)   CH_4

(c)    CO_2

(d)   NH_3


7. Which factor effects adsorptions?

(a)    Temperature

(b)   Surface area

(c)    Pressure

(d)   All of these


8. The chemical adsorption?

(a)    Decreases with increase of temperature

(b)   Increases with increase of temperature

(c)   First increases and then decreases with increase of temperature

(d)   First decreases and then increases with increase of temperature


9. Adsorption due to strong chemical forces is called

(a)    Physiosorption

(b)   Chemisorption

(c)    Reversible adsorption

(d)    Both (a) and (c)


1.(a)     2. (b)     3. (d)     4. (a)     5. (b)

6. (d)    7. (d)     8. (c)    9. (b)

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