Worksheet based on Law of Thermodynamics

The Law of thermodynamics are used to define fundamental physical quantities like energy, entropy and temperature, in order to describe thermodynamic system.

It also describes the transformation of energy in the form of heat and work.

There are Four laws of thermodynamics, which are listed below:

1. Zeroth law of Thermodynamics

2. First law of Thermodynamics

3. Second law of Thermodynamics

4. Third law of Thermodynamics


Here you can find some question based on “Law of thermodynamics” and their answers:


1. When two atoms of hydrogen combine to form a molecule of hydrogen gas, the energy of the molecule is:

(a)    Lower than that of the separate

(b)   Sometimes lower and sometimes higher

(c)    Higher than that of the separate atoms

(d)   Equal to that of the separate atoms


2. Which names are associated with thermodynamics?

(a)    Carnot

(b)   Helmholtz

(c)    Claussius

(d)   All


3. Which law of thermodynamics helps in calculating the absolute entropies of various substances at different temperatures?

(a)    Zeroth law

(b)   Ist law

(c)    II law

(d)    IIIrd law


4. The heat required to decompose a compound into its elements is equal to the heat evolved when the compound is formed from its elements. This is in accordance with:

(a)    First law of thermodynamics

(b)   Kirchoff’s law

(c)    Hess’s law

(d)   Joule-Thomson law


5. According to third law of thermodynamics, the entropy at 0 K is zero for:

(a)    Elements in their stable form

(b)   Gaseous substances only

(c)    Perfectly crystalline solids

(d)   Substances at 1 atm and 25°C


6.  A system absorbs 10 kJ of heat and does 4 kj of work. The internal energy of the system:

(a)    Decreases by 6 kJ

(b)   Decreases by 14 kJ

(c)    Increases by 14 kJ

(d)   Increases by 6 Kj


1.(a)     2. (d)     3. (d)     4. (a)     5. (c)     6. (d)

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