Worksheet based on Preparation of Colloids

Colloids are mixtures in which a substance is divided into minute particles and dispersed throughout a second substance. This mixture is also called colloidal system, colloidal solution ar colloidal dispersion.

There are two ways for preparing colloids.

They are:

1. Preparing Colloids by Dispersion Method

2. Preparing colloids by Condensation of molecules from true solution

In this article you can find some question related on “Preparation of colloids” and their answers:


1. Colloidal solution of arsenious sulphide is prepared by:

(a)    Hydrolysis

(b)   Double decomposition

(c)    Electrodispersion method

(d)    Peptization


2. Colloidal solution of silver is prepared by:

(a)    Bredig’s are method

(b)   Peptization

(c)    Colloidal milk

(d)   Double decomposition method


3. Which of the following substances is not used in the preparation of lyophilic solution ?

(a)    Gum

(b)   Gelatin

(c)    Metal sulphide

(d)   Starch


4. Which of the following colloidal solutions is prepared when very dilute solution of ferric chloride reacts with potassium ferrocyanide?

(a)    Prussian blue

(b)   Arsenic sulphide

(c)    Ferric hydroxide

(d)   Extrinsic colloid


1.(b)     2. (a)     3. (c)     4. (a)

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