worksheet based on Purification of Colloids

Colloidal solution are prepared from various methods so, they are not pure. So, colloidal solution should be purified before using it.

Techniques used for purification of colloids are:

1. Dialysis Techniques

2. Ultra-filtration techniques

Here, you can find some questions related to “Purification of Colloids” and their answers:


1. The process of separating a crystalloid, from a colloid by filtration, is called

(a)    Emulsification

(b)   Dialysis

(c)    Coagulation

(d)   Peptization


2. The separation of colloidal particles from those of molecular dimensions is called:

(a)    Dialysis

(b)   Photolysis

(c)    Peptization

(d)   Pyrolysis


3. Dialysis can separate which of the following in addition to the glucose from human blood ?

(a)    Fructose

(b)   Starch

(c)    Proteins

(d)   Sucrose


4. When a few typical solutes are separated by a particular selective membrane, such as protein particles from blood corpuscles, the process is called:

(a)    Exosmosis

(b)   Dialysis

(c)    Transpiration

(d)   Endosmosis


5. Colloidal solutions are not purified by:

(a)    Electrodialysis

(b)   Electrophoresis

(c)    Ultrafication

(d)   Dialysis


6. Alum purifies muddy water by:

(a)    Absorption

(b)   Dialysis

(c)    Emulsifying properties

(d)   Coagulation



1.(b)     2. (a)     3. (c)     4. (b)     5. (b)     5. (d)

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