worksheet on Electrochemical series

It defines the arrangement process of the elements in which each element is electro-negative to all the following elements and electro-positive to the elements preceding it.

Most of the electrochemical series begins with oxygen and ends with potassium.

Here, you can find some questions related to “Electrochemical series” and their answers:


1. Out of Cu, Ag, Fe and Zn the metal displace all others from their salt solutions is:

(a)    Cu

(b)   Zn

(c)    Ag

(d)   Hg


2. Which of the following metals will riot react with solution of CuSO_4?

(a)    Ag

(b)   Mg

(c)    Fe

(d)   Zn


3. CuSO_4 is not stored in aluminium bottles because:

(a)    Al gets reduced

(b)   Cu gets oxidized

(c)    Cu gets reduced

(d)   CuSO_4 gets decomposed


4. Zinc gives H_2 \text{with} H_2SO_4  and HCI but not with HNO_3 because:

(a)    In electrochemical series zinc is above hydrogen

(b)   HNO_3 is a weaker acid than H_2SO_4 and HCI

(c)    zinc acts; as oxidizing agent when reacts with HNO_3

(d)   NO^-_3  is reduced in preference to hydronium


5. The most powerful reducing agent is:

(a)    K

(b)   Ba

(c)    Na

(d)   Mg


6. On the basis of position in the electrochemical series, A the metal which does not displace hydrogen from water and acids is:

(a)    Al

(b)   Pb

(c)    Ba

(d)   Hg


1.(b)     2. (a)     3. (c)     4. (d)     5. (a)     6. (d)

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