Worksheet on Endothermic & Exothermic reaction

Reaction releasing energy in the form of heat, light, electricity and sound is called Exothermic reaction.  Example of Exothermic reaction is mixing of water with strong acid.  The opposite of exothermic reaction is Endothermic reaction and it absorbs energy in the form of heat from the surrounding.

Here you can find some question based on “Exothermic and Endothermic reaction” and their answers:


1. Which of the following reactions is endothermic?

(a)    Fe + S \to FeS

(b)   NaOH + HCl \to NaCl + H_2O

(c)    CH_4 + 2O_2 \to CO_2 + 2H_2O

(d)   CaCO_3 \to CaO + CO_2


2. All reactions with chemical dissociation are

(a)    Exothermic

(b)   Reversible

(c)    Reversible and endothermic

(d)   Reversible or irreversible and endothermic or exothermic


3. In which one of the following sets, all the properties belong to the same category (all extensive or all intensive)?

(a)    Enthalpy, internal energy, volume

(b)   Heat capacity, density. Entropy

(c)    Mass, volume, pressure

(d)   Temperature, pressure, volume


4. The compound with negative heat of formation is known as:

(a)    Endothermic compound

(b)   Endoergic compound

(c)    Exothermic compound

(d)   None of these


1.(d)     2. (c)     3. (a)     4. (c)

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