Worksheet on Kinetic Theory of Gases

According to Kinetic theory of gas,” A gas is a large number of particles, which are in continous motion.”

Kinetic theory helps to understand the macroscopic properties of gases which includes pressure, volume and temperature.

In this article you can find some questions related to Kinetic Theory of gas and their answers:


1. Which of the following is not the postulate of thekinetic theory of gases?

(a)    Gas molecules are in a permanent state of random motion

(b)   Pressure of gas is due to molecular impact on the walls of the container

(c)    The gaseous molecules are perfectly elastic

(d)   The molecular collisions are perfectly elastic


2. Which of the following will not change the r.m.s. speed of gas molecules?

(a)    Change in temperature

(b)   Change in pressure at constant T

(c)   Change in volume at constant T

(d)    All of these


3. Which of the following expressions does not give root mean square velocity of gas at particular temperature?

(a)    (3RT/M)^{1/2}

(b)   \sqrt{(3P/dM)}

(c)    (3PV/M)^1/2

(d)   \sqrt{3P/dL)}


4. Which of the following is true?

(a)    urms > \overset{-}{v} > \alpha

(b)   urms < \overset{-}{v} < \alpha

(c)    \overset{-}{v} > urms > \alpha

(d)   \alpha > urms > \overset{-}{v}


5. In the kinetic gas equation, PV = 1/3 mNX^2, hence X is:

(a)    Average speed

(b)   Most probable speed

(c)    Root mean square speed

(d)   Any of these



1.(c)     2. (b)     3. (d)     4. (a)     5. (c)

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