Worksheet on Structure of solids

Crystalline and amorphous solid are categories of solids.

Crystalline solids are bonded together in a regular pattern. A good example of Crystalline solid is quartz crystals SiO2.

Amorphous solids are made up of molecules or atoms and they don’t have regular arrangement. A good example of Amorphous solid is Glass.

Here, you can find some questions related on Structures of solids and their answers:


1. The shaded plane abcd is referred as:

(a)    diagonal plane of symmetxy

(b)   rectangular plane of Syrnme . try

(c)    chiral plane

(d)   none of these

shaded plane ABCD


2. The unit cell shown in the diagram is of:

(a)    zinc blende

(b)   CSCI

(c)    rock salt

(d)   all of these

unit cell


3. The number of CaF_2 units in fluorite structure is:

(a)    2

(b)   1

(c)    3

(d)   4


4. What is incorrect about NaCl crystal?

(a)    Cl^- ions are present at the comers and Na^+ ions at the body center

(b)   C^-ions adopt bcc arrangement

(c)    Na^+ ions are at the edge centers only

(d)   All of these


5. The total elements of symmetry in a cube are:

(a)    23

(b)   14

(c)    25

(d)   16


6. The co-ordination number of Zn^{2+} and ions in the zinc blende (ZnS) type structure is:

(a)    6 : 8

(b)   4 : 4

(c)    4 : 8

(d)   8 : 8


7. Which one of the following is a three dimensional silicate?

(a)    Hemimorphite

(b)   Quartz

(c)    Beryl

(d)   All of these


8. The hybrid state of silicon in silicate ion is:

(a)    sp^3

(b)   sp^2

(c)    sp^3d

(d)   sp^3d^2


1.(a)     2. (b)     3. (b)     4. (d)    5. (a)

6. (b)     7. (d)     8. (a)

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