Applications of Electrolysis

Applications of Electrolysis are as follows:

(a) In the determination of equivalent mass.

(b) In electroplating: Here an inferior metal is coated with a superior metal to make it corrosion proof and attractive.

(c) In electrotyping.

(d) In electro refining of the metals like Cu, Ag, Au etc.

(e) In electrometallurgy.

E.g. Na from (NaCl + CaCl_2 KF) .

Al from (Al_2O_3 Na_3AlF_3) .

Mg from (MgCl_2 + NaCl + CaCl_2) .

(f) In the manufacture of certain compounds such as


NaOH, KOH, Na_2CO_3, KClO_3 etc.


Current efficiency:

\% \text{Current efficiency} = \dfrac{\text{Actual current}}{\text{Ammeter current}} \times 100

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