Cases of oxidation Number

Special Cases of Oxidation Number


(1)    Cro_5: Oxidation

(2)    H_2SO_5 (Caro’s is acid) oxidation

(3)    H_2S_2O_8 (Marshall’s acid) oxidation

(4)    Na_2S_2O_3 : Oxidation number. of ‘S’ is +2  but oxidation state are -2 and + 6.


(5)    Na_2S_4O_6 Oxidation number of ‘S’ is +5/2 or 2.5 however, oxidation state are \to Two ‘S’ –atoms 5 – each; Two ‘S’ – atoms 0 – each.


(6)    In NH_4NO_3

\underset{-}{N}H_4 \hspace{40mm} \underset{-}{N}o_3 \\ \text{consider it} \underset{-}{N}H^+_4 \hspace{10mm} \text{consider it} \underset{-}{N}O^-_3 \\ X + 4 = +1 \hspace{30mm} x- 6 = -1 \\ x = -3 \hspace{40mm} x = +5


(7) Cases of oxidation Number

(8)    Oxoanions are stronger oxidising agents in acidic medium in comparison to basic or neutral mediums.

(9)    In CH_2Cl_2oxidation number of C-atom is zero.


Method of balancing redox equations:

There are two methods of balancing redox equations, such as:

  1. Oxidation number change method (Johnson 1880)
  2. Ion-electron method (Jette and Lamer 1927)

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