Factors Affecting Adsorption

Adsorption of gases on solid surface depends upon:

(1)    Nature of gas or adsorbent:

Adsorption \propto Critical temperature of gas


van der Waal’s force of attraction (a)

\underset{T_C in K}{e.g.}: \underset{430}{SO_2} > \underset{406}{NH_3} > \underset{324}{HCl} > \underset{304}{CO_2} > \underset{190}{CH_4} > \underset{133}{CO} > \underset{126}{N_2} > \underset{33}{H_2}


(2)    Effect of Temperature: Adsorption \propto \dfrac{1}{\text{Temperature}}

Since adsorption is exothermic.

(3)    Pressure : At constant Temperature

\text{Adsorption} \propto \text{pressure}


(4)    Surface area of Adsorbent: Larger the surface area of adsorbent more will be active centers and faster will be the rate of adsorption.

(5)    Activation of Solid Adsorbent: When adsorbent is sub-divided or already adsorbed gases are removed, it becomes activated adsorbent and rate of adsorption increases.

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