Freundlich Adsorption Isotherm

Freundlich Adsorption Isotherm:

According to him:

(i)   At low pressure:

At low pressure the graph is almost

Straight. i.e. \dfrac{x}{m}\propto p

\dfrac{x}{m} = KP

Where, K = constant


(ii)  At high pressure:

x / m becomes almost constant and does not change with pressure

\dfrac{x}{m} \propto P^0


or\hspace{3mm} \dfrac{x}{m} = KP^0


(iii)   At intermediate value of pressure.


\dfrac{x}{m} \propto P^{1/n}


\dfrac{x}{m} = KP^{1/n} …..(1)

Here ‘n’ is a constant depending upon nature of adsorbate and adsorbent.

The value of K, n can be determined as follows: On taking logarithm of equation (1) we get

\log_e \dfrac{x}{m} = \log_Ek + \dfrac{1}{n} \log_e P


Thus, on plotting a graph between x/ m and logep a straight line is obtained.


\text{slope} = \dfrac{1}{n} \\[3mm] \text{Intercept} = \log_e K


Freundlich Adsorption

Freundlich Adsorption

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