Radioactive Disintegration Series

Radioactive Disintegration Series

Since radioactive disintegration is a continuous process hence a series can be drawn which is known as radioactive disintegration series. There are four such series:

(i) Thorium series (4n series) begins with ^{232}_{90}Th and ends at ^{208}_{82}Pb. [Mass is fully divided by 4]

(ii) Neptunium series (4n + 1series) begains with ^{241}_{94}Pu \text{and ends at} ^{209}_{83}Bi. [here reminder is one]

(iii) Uranium series (4n + 2 series) begins with ^{238}_{92}U \text{and ends at} ^{206}_{82}Pb. [here reminder is 2]

(iv) Actinium series (4n + 3 series) begins with ^{235}_{92}U \text{and ends at}^{207}_{82}Pb. [here reminder is 3]

Number of \alpha, \beta-particles emitted during these series.




4n 6


(4n+1) 8





(4n+3) 7



Neptunium series is an artificial series while rest are natural series.

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