Application of computer

Some of the applications of computers are as follows:

(a)   Home: House management, amusement, communication, and data processing are done through computer.




(b)  Education: E-books, multimedia kits for all subjects, recent information for admission, fee structures from different universities through internet. It is very effective tools for on line education. Many universities offers distance education through Internet. The learning materials are packed in CD-ROM with interactive multimedia.

The CAL (Computer Aided Learning), CAI (Computer Aided Instruction), multiple choice examination paper, result processing etc are done through computer.


(c)  Data processing: All type of data processing like as word processing, image processing, salary processing, income tax processing, data related with research and other fields are processed through computers etc.


(d)   Science and Engineering: Computer is a strong tool for every branch of engineering started with civil, electrical, computer, aeronautic, ceramics, chemical, leather technology etc. The electric circuit, mother board, building models, machine designs and models are taught very effectively through computers.


(e)   Medicine and surgery: The computer is applied in medicine, surgery, and research. The expert systems for doctors are also available in market. The multimedia kits for sergon are also available to learn surgery on virtual patients. The concept of expert system is also introduced in computer science. An expert system is a computer program designed to operate at the level of an expert in particular field. It shows performance at expert level.

MYCIN is a name of expert system designed at Stanford University for diagnosis of blood and meningitis infection. The other expert system is a CADULEUS or INTERNIST 2 designed by computer engineer Harry Poplet and master of medicine, Dr. Meyer at University of Pittsburgh to diagnose more than 500 diseases at expert level. Pacemaker is a microprocessor controlled device used in patient of heart trouble.


(f)   Industries: Industrial research, budgeting, process control all are computer based. The robotics is also a branch of computer science. Now a day, robots are used in complicated industrial process which is dangerous for human. CAD (Computer Aided Design) is used in manufacture sector to design model of electrical, electronics, mechanical models of machine and it is more popular among architect engineers also.

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture), CADMPT (Computer Aided Design, Manufacture and Testing) is also more popular terms in industries.


(g)   Banking, Railways, and Aeronautic department: These systems are totally computerized for processing customers’ services. ATM (Automatic Telling Machine), EFTS (Electronic Fund Transfer System) etc are computer based system for customer services provided by banks. In railway, aeronautic department reservation and other schedules are controlled through computers.


(h)    Fine arts, Animations, Advertisements: Computer is used in film industries in cartoon films, special effects and image processing. An animation is a sequence of images, or frames that is displayed over time. Each frame varies slightly from the preceding frame. The art of animation is abundantly supplied in film industries and advertisement department.


(i) Communications: E-mail, e-fax, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), Pagers, internet, etc are computer based communications. The computer and Internet integration is the backbone of recent communication.


(j)   Business: The computer is applied in every sector of business organization from data storing to data processing, advertising to marketing research, budget analysis to reporting, training to transactions, etc. Now a day, the concepts of e-commerce and m-commerce (mobile commerce) are thriving new dimensions in the business world.


(k)    Planning: The computer is used in planning, designing, and implementation of business objectives. The planning is a process to organize theme and thoughts to gain profit. The computer provides many options at the time of business planning. It stores data and information which are immensely used in planning.


(l)   Remote sensing: The remote sensing means to control far most operation from, specific center. The concept of distributed data processing is based on remote sensing. The actual meaning of remote sensing is to stimulate or activate remote devices or operation from distance. The wireless LAN, Bluetooth based computer peripherals (printers, scanners etc) and many other devices are boons for us. We listen that space vehicles are controlled from ground stations, satellites are destroyed from ground stations, driverless car, pointless airplane, and all are controlled from ground station through remote sensing devices.


(m)   Weather Forecasting: The weather forecasting is a very complex task without computers, but now a day, super computer is quite efficient to forecast accurate weather condition globally. In every country, meteorological department is fully dependent on computers for weather forecasting.

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