C++ program Showing multi-dimensional array

This program is an example for multi-dimensional array. Array can be defined as a group of similar objects, refrenced by the common name.

This is a program to read sales of 10 districts in 12 months and calculate total sales of each district.



Void main ()


Int district =10;

Int month =12;

Float sales [district] [month];

Int I, j;

Float total;

For (=0; i<10; i++)



For (j=0; j<12; j++)


Cout<<”\n enter sales for district”<<i+1<<”for month”<<j+1;

Cin>>sales [i] [j];

Total= total +sales [i] [j];


Cout<<”\n total sales of district”<<i+1<<”=”<<total;


getch ();


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