C++ Program Using getdata() and display()

The program uses member function getdata() and display() in-order to input student’s entry and display’s it at the end. This program contains class named ‘student’. The member function getdata() is used to take input and display() is used in-order to produce output.



Class student



Char stname[25], stgender[10];

Int stage;


Void getdata ()


Cout<<”\n enter the name”;


Cout<<”\n enter the gender”


Cout<<\n enter the age”;



Void display ()


Cout<<”\n name :”<<stname;

Cout<<”\n gender :”<< stgender;

Cout<,”\n age :”<< stage;



Void main ()


Student obj;

Obj. getdata ();

Obj.dispay ();

getch ();


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