C++ Program Using Structure

A structure can be said as, the collection of  datas under a single name.

This program is designed to read and display name, roll no, address and weight of a student by using structure.



Struct School


Int roll;

Char name [25];

Char address [25];

Float weight;

} stu;

Void main ()


Cout<<”\n enter the roll no”;


Cout<<”\n enter name”;


Cout<<”\n enter address”;


Cout<<”\n ether weight”;


Cout<<”\n the student details are:”;

Cout<<”\n Name :”<< stu.name;

Cout<<”\n Roll no”<<stu.roll;

Cout<<”\n address”<<stu.address;

Cout<<”\n weight”<<stu.weight;

getch ();


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