Characteristics of Computer

The computer is a name of accuracy, name of miracles and name of recent advance technology which has shrunken the world on a palm.

The characteristics of computer are:




(a) Efficiency: The computer processed data in nano second which is beyond of human capacity.


(b) Speed: It is with very high processing speed. The computer can process more than 50 million instructions in one second. Now a day, very high speed computers are available with Pentium IV or Pentium v microprocessor chips.


(c) Storage Capacity: It can stores vast amount of information in the form of books, graphics, charts, animation, audio, video etc. Now a day, the hard disk of 1024 GB is common, and hard disk of more than 1 TB is also available in market.


(d) Versatility: It has capacity of multitasking. You can enjoy multimedia, word processing, printing, and communicating jobs from one platform without closing other. This type of facilities has made it versatile and popular.


(e) Reliability: The computer is a reliable electronic multipurpose and multiprocessing machine. It processes data with high accuracy without any mistakes.


(g) Decision Making: The computer has capability to perform task and managing processing schedules when there are many jobs available and Waiting own turns. The Operating system has capability to manage files, executing utilities software and many others.

The game, weather forecasting, weaponary systems, aviation’s, space shuttles etc are controlled by computer and the controlling actions are performed by its decision making capacity based on stored related database.


(h) Accuracy: The computer is applied in scientific and industrial calculation where long range data is used for information.

It ranges 10-33 to 10-38, but result is astonishingly accurate.


(i) Artificial Intelligence: The fifth generation computer which recognizes voice is based on artificial intelligence. The AI is applied in gaming software, and robotics from many years, but operating system based on AI is also in process which can recognize not only voice, but read mood of users also. It gives suggestion and decision on complex problems.

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