Computer Software

Generally, software is classified into two major groups (a) System Software and (b) Application Software. The Operating Systems, Language translator (Compiler and Interpreter), and utility software is type of system software, packaged and tailored software is type of application software.

The tailored software is written in HLL (High Level Language) for particular tasks, e.g., Payroll calculation, Ticket Reservation, Room reservation in Hotel etc.

Classification of software

Classification of software

System Software:

The software used to control and coordinate computer hardware and software is called System Software. It is responsible for resources management, memory management, file management, tasks scheduling, Software repairing, language translation and system maintenance. The System programmer is responsible for its development and providing facilities to perform several managerial and scheduling tasks. The coding of system software is not easy.

These are some system software discussed here:

(i) Language Translator: Language translators are used to convert source code into machine codes. Source codes are written in assembly or high level languages. These are language translators: (a) Assembler, (b) Interpreter, and (c) Compilers


(ii) Simulators: Simulators are large System Software used to simulate execution of program of other computer. It mimics actions, functions and behaviors of other systems. Example: Airplane is a system. A flight simulation program mimics flying airplane. These types of software are used to learn subject of technical nature.


(iii) Emulators: It is used to mimics functionality of other program, computer, modem, printer etc. It is also used to convert program written in one language into other language.


(iv) Utility Software: The commons purpose small program is called Utilities Software used in file management, Memory management, mail-merging, virus scanning, and disk repairing and backup programs.



  • Norton Utilities
  • Pokey
  • PC Tools
  • Program Generator
  • Borland sidekicks


Application Software:

Application Software is software for specific purpose, so we can say that software developed for user purpose is called Application Software. This software are developed using High level Language in the form of creative project work in the software industries.

There are many software available for user purposes:

(a) Word Processing: MS-Word, Word Perfect, Word Star

(b) Spreadsheet: MS-Excel, Lotus-123, QuattroPro

(c) Database Management: MS-Access, dBase-IV, Clippers, Oracle, OMNIS, Ingress, Integra, FoxPro, FQXBASE, SQL

(d) Graphics and Presentation: MS-Paint, MS PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

(e) Animation: Macromedia Director, Macromedia Flash, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effect

(f) Web Designing: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage Express


Packaged Software:

Packaged Software is readymade, bug free, advance and standard software for special works. All word processing, database Management, graphics and representation, animation, web-designing software are packaged software. These software’s are equipped with all essential tools and technology to enhance user productivity.


Tailored Software:

Tailored software is small software, developed in higher level language for specific small process. These types of software are developed for certain specific purpose. Example: Software for Payroll for Specific organization, Software for specific Bank, Software for Railway Reservation, Hotel Reservation etc.

These software are developed for solving specific problems of specific users or organizations. Generally, business purpose program is written in COBOL, general purpose programs are coded in PASCAL, C, C++, Visual BASIC or Visual C. The program related with web and internet coded into JAVA, Pearl, C# etc.

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