Data, Information and Knowledge

Data, Information and Knowledge are described below individually below:

Data: Generally, a raw material for computer is called data. It is a building block of Information. Raw materials have no appropriate meanings. These raw materials are send to computer through input devices.



When we write 18. The 18 is nothing but only data. It has no any particular meaning.


Information: The processed data is called information. Information is a meaningful fact and figure of real life value. We get information in the form of text, figure, graphs, sound, videos etc. We get data behind every information.


We know that 18 is only data. When we say 18 years old, 18-cm radius, Rs.18, 18 members etc. are information.


Knowledge: The knowledge is a collection of Information. It is just like as stock of goods in store. The database of employees is a suitable example of Knowledge. The book is also a collection of information to a particular field. So, it is also knowledge.


We can take example of knowledge from our real life also. Suppose cotton is a data and threads are information. When we nit threads in particular dress, is called Knowledge.


The database system is knowledge because it stores information in the form of records. In beginning, there are only two faculty- natural sciences and sociology. The science is divided into physics, chemistry, biology and astrology. Sociology is divided into history, civics, economics, management, mathematics etc.

The faculty is knowledge. When information about related field are collected, new faculty is generated. Now a day, computer science, Information Science, and e-commerce are new faculty, new knowledge and new possibilities.

Data, Information and Knowledge


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