Operators In C++

Operators In C++

Operators are the symbols that perform particular operations on the variables. The types of operators are described below:-

  •       Arithmetic operators

    It performs arithmetic operations. The following are the arithmetic operators:-
+       (adds two variables)
-        (subtract two variables)
*        (multiplies two variables)
/         (divide two variables)
%         (divides and returns remainder)
Each of these operators is a binary operator i.e. it require two operands (values) to calculate a final answer.

  • Relation operators:-

It compares the variables and determines the relation among different variables. It compares the two values and returns the appropriate result. If the comparison is true, it returns 1 and to 0, if it is false. C++ provides six relation operators they are as follows:-
>      (grater then)
<      (less than)
>=    (greater than equal to)
<=    (less than equal to)
==     (equal to)
!=      (not equal to)

  • Logical operators:-

 C++ provides three logical operators to combine existing operations.
&&   (logical AND)
!   (logical not)

  • Increment / decrement operators:-

They are unary operators because they operate on one operand (variables).

Increment operator (++) adds 1 to its operand while decrement operator (–) subtract 1 from its operands. That is,
X=x+1 is the same as ++x
X=x-1 is the same as –x


This produce y to 11 and x to 11.
The code,
This sets y to 10 and x to 11.

  •  Assignment operator:-

 It is us to assign a value or result of an expression to a variable. The symbol ‘=’ is used as an assignment operator. C++ offers arithmetic assignment operator, which combine an arithmetic operator and an assignment operator. There are arithmetic assignment operators corresponding to all the arithmetic operations. They are as follows:-
+=, -=, *=, /= and %=


A+=b; (is equal to a =a+b)
a-=b; (is equal to a=a-b)
a*=b; (is equal to a=a*b)
a/=b; (is equal to a=a/b)
a%=b; (is equal to a=a%b)

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