PC Installation

The term of PC Installation is very rich in itself. The knowledge of hardware and software, both required, for PC Installation. Now a day, mother board is integrated with sound cards, visual cards and much other hardware required for smooth operation of computer.

Interested student should join hardware courses in their vicinity to avoid wastage of time. It is a totally practical based technology.

The knowledge of PC installation and trouble shooting is necessary for every computer professional to maintain their own computers and peripherals. It is also beneficial and profitable jobs in the field of computer science. The following hardware is required for modern pc installation:

  • Mother board with Pentium microprocessor
  • RAM more than 64 MB.
  • PC Case
  • Fan
  • Keyboard, Monitor, mouse, Printer etc.
  • Floppy Drive, CD-ROM Drive
  • Modem

The knowledge of slots and bus are required to connect peripherals with motherboard slots. When all the required peripherals are connected, installation process should be executing using installer software.


Required software:


The software contains setup wizard which asks questions as per progress of installation process. You have to read instructions and fill appropriate answer in blanks. When installation is finished, you are suggested to press Finish button.

  • Mother board installer CD-ROM
  • Modem Installer CD-ROM
  • Operating System (Windows x)
  • Application Package (Microsoft Office/ Lotus SmartSuite)
  • Printer Installer

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