Structure in C++

Structure in C++

Structure is a collection of simple variables of different types, grouped together under a single name for convenient handling. The data items in structure are called the member of the structure. It is a convenient tool for handling a group of logically related data item.

The general format of a structure definition is as follows:-



Data_type member1;

Data_type member2;



Data_type member n;




Accessing structure member

The member of the structure is access using the structure variable name with a period operator or dot operator (.).

The syntax for accessing a structure member is:

Structure_variables. member_name


Struct student


Char name [20];

Int age;

Char address [25];

} stu;

To access the member of above structure, we write:



Hence, to read the values of name from keyboard, we write:


And to write/ print the value of name to the screen, we write:



Initializing structure elements/ members


The structure members of a structure can be initialized as shown below:-”Ravi”;





A program to initialize the member of a structure and to display the content of the structure.



Struct student


Char name [25];

Int roll;

Char address [25];


Void main ()




Cout<<”\n name”<<;

Cout<<”\n Roll no”<<stu.roll;

Cout<<”\n address”<<stu.address;

getch ();


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